Angry Birds on Facebook will sling, shatter and shake things up [Video]

Angry Birds power-ups
Angry Birds power-ups

Rovio could have easily just slapped Angry Birds on Facebook and called it a day. (And we would all have played it in droves.) But no, if the Finnish game maker was going to bring the biggest mobile game to the largest social gaming platform, by golly it was going to do it right. When Angry Birds lands on Facebook this coming Tuesday, it will bring with it four nifty power-ups.

Players will have access to some major enhancement for their furious, flightless birds, more details for all four of which were recently released by Rovio in cute videos. First up is Sling Scope, which will grant players with pinpoint accuracy for their next shot. Next is King Sling, a power-up that will maximize birds' power and velocity, followed by Super Seeds that will give birds a growth spurt. Finally, we imagine the mysterious Birdquake will destabilize the enemy pigs' forts (as if they needed it).

Angry Birds on Facebook won't just pump up the game's various avian creatures, but provide players with more reason to come back than their perfectionist tendencies: competition. The Facebook version will challenge players with their friends' top scores through friendly leaderboards. Players will also get to earn bronze, silver or gold crowns for the overall top scores of each level, which they can brag about on Facebook. One has to wonder what this means for Angry Birds on Google+, right?

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