Toyota's white Prius V will swerve into The Sims Social March 1 [Rumor]

Toyota Prius VYour Sim's first whip will soon arrive in The Sims Social, according to The Sims Social Fansite. The website claims to have discovered that a white version of Toyota's new Prius V will arrive in Littlehaven on March as part of a branded promotion. Playfish will make the car available to players for free for two weeks, mirroring an upcoming Toyota promotion in which would-be buyers can test drive the real Prius V for two weeks.

After that two weeks, we imagine players will have the option of buying the Prius V, known as the Yashimoto Prais in-game, for Sim Cash. According to the fan website, players will acquire the car for free (for two weeks) through a rather simple mini quest. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether players will be able to drive the car, if it ever makes it to Littlehaven.

While nothing has been confirmed, The Sims Social Fansite has accurately predicted several content updates in the past, hence our reports. Besides, Playfish has worked with Toyota before through Monopoly Millionaires, and more specifically with the Prius. Here's to hoping Sims get to go for a spin come March 1.
The Sims Social Toyota Prius V
[Image Credit: The Sims Social Fansite]

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