Tetris Stars lines up to be the next hit Facebook game

Tetris Stars
Tetris Stars

Tetris is the Superman of video games. You can kill it, but it will never, ever die. Tetris Battle has proved to be one of Facebook's most successful games, with 13.2 million monthly and 3.7 million daily players. Tetris Stars, created by Honolulu-based Blue Planet Software and published by Tetris Online, is the next attempt at replicating if not surpassing that success.

Available now in an open beta, Tetris Stars employs the familiar matching of tetrominoes to clear as many lines as possible. This version, however, appears to be a much more casual take on the popular puzzle game, as it's controlled entirely via the mouse. (A thousand hardcore Tetris players' hearts shriveled to the size of a raisin as that last sentence was typed.) Anyway, players must complete lines that rest on dirt as quickly as possible to both beat the 60-second clock and dig up buried power-ups and stars.

Tetris Stars applies Bejeweled Blitz-like play hooks to the the classic Tetris formula, like friendly leaderboards and a selection power-ups before each timed session. What's different is that the game sends players on special missions to switch up play styles for rewards.

Tetris Stars gameplay
Tetris Stars gameplay

The game is still in an open beta, or as we see it, live "testing". For being in an open beta, the game looks incredibly polished and full-featured. Still, the developer shows no signs of releasing the game "officially" any time soon. At any rate, the game is worth a shot, if for nothing else than the fact that it's Tetris. Well, that and to get to say you were playing Tetris Stars before it was cool.

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