SuperPoke! Pets players slap Google, Slide with a class action lawsuit

SuperPoke! Pets
SuperPoke! Pets

The die hard SuperPoke! fans aren't going down without a fight. PaidConent reports that Christalee Abreu has led the charge in filing a class action lawsuit in December 2011 against both Google and Slide, the former of which axed the game after it had shuttered the latter. SuperPoke! Pets is slated for the chopping block on March 6, and will take all of its players' purchases with it.

Well, at least Google gave players SPP Lite, a virtual display case for their in-game pets, right? Wrong. Abreu says that she has spent more than $1,000 on virtual currency within SuperPoke! Pets, all of which will become moot after March 6. Now, the lead plaintiff seeks compensation from Google and creator Slide not only for herself, but for thousands of SuperPoke! Pets players that either paid for virtual items in the game or $4.95 monthly for a VIP subscription.

SuperPoke! Pets players have sought for a law firm to take up the case since October, according to All Things D, and now not only have fans found one in Edelson McGuire but have seen the case to San Jose, Calif. federal court. Google and Slide are likely to rely on their terms of service as a defense, which basically says "cry me a river" to these situations (as do most social game makers). Regardless, this case could define the laws surrounding virtual currency ... for better or worse.

Do SuperPoke! Pets players have a case? How will Google and Slide respond, and what could this mean for the future of virtual goods in social games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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