Songster looks like Guitar Hero meets Garage Band on Facebook

Songster on Facebook
Songster on Facebook

We know, you put the plastic ax down years ago. But social game developer Mowgli is asking something entirely different of music-inclined gamers with its new Facebook game, Songster. In short, this social music creation game on Facebook is a cross between now-defunct console hits like Guitar Hero and Garage Band, the popular music editing software.

While we've yet to dig into Songster, a glance at early screen shots of the game just scream such a comparison. Songster allows players to follow the career of a fledgling musician to stardom. But rather than press keys or click in time to predetermined beats, it's up to you to create your own jams by manipulating song packs available for either coins or Facebook Credits. Then, players can share their new tracks with Facebook friends.

Songster revolves around players sharing their creations, something Mowgli feels is missing in Facebook games. "I looked around the gaming industry and saw what folks like Zynga were doing with FarmVille, and it seemed for as much money as they were making people were not getting something of much value in return," Mowgli founder and CEO Marshall Seese Jr. said in a release.

Mowgli appears confident that, in Songster, it has created a platform through which anyone--not just musicians--can create the next hit single gone viral through Facebook shares. Want to take Mowgli up on that? Click the link below, and use the following code for closed beta access: P5CXZK.

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