Snooki's first Facebook game is as fabulously shallow as you'd expect

Snooki's Match Game
Snooki's Match Game

You know what? We doubt Jersey Shore fans will mind that fact too much. Nicole Polizzi, or Snooki from that infamous MTV show, has released her first Facebook game in conjunction with Red Bank, N.J.-based Apps Genius. Aptly named Snooki's Match Game, its superficial nature shines through both thematically and its merits as a "game".

Before you claim that we're harsh or heartless in the comments, here's how the game plays. Once players install the app, a Snooki cut-out presents them with a picture of a person in her right hand, and a pool of five pictures to her left. (We're guessing it sources these from Facebook profiles.) Then, the game asks players to choose which person they think is in a relationship with the person whose picture Snooki holds. If you think this didn't already unfurl a boatload of implications, read on.

If the player doesn't match the pictures correctly, the game moves on to the next match-up. But when one answers correctly, the game then asks the player to decide which of the two is "hotter" using the "Guida Meeda." Then, the game reveals how fellow Snooki's Match Game players rated those people. Finally, players can view rankings, such as most compatible couples and ladies or men most voted as too good for their partner ... based on a single image. And that's about it for this game.

What's most depressing about Snooki's Match Game is the realization that it will probably become insanely popular. Alright, so the game isn't for this writer. But we even would have went for something like SnookiVille--just think: players plant bouffants and harvest them for points--as an alternative to this. Anyway, here's where you can play:

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