'Sh*t Real Estate Agents Say' Finally Hits the Web

shit real estate agents say
shit real estate agents say

After the breakout success of "Sh*t Girls Say" on YouTube, just about every group under the sun has been skewered in the popular fill-in-the-blank series. But with over a million registered Realtors in the U.S., where's the self-deprecating sendup for real estate agents? Well, thanks to agents Brian Copeland and Maura Neill there's finally a comprehensive place to find all your favorite Realtor cliches. From "It's a great market for sellers" to "It's not dated, it's retro," the duo run down some of the most cringe-worthy quotes.

Highlight of the video: Brian gushing over an ad-lib inspired listing that squeezes "appointed," "discerning" and "laminate" in the same sentence. (A tip of the hat to our friends at Curbed for finding this gem.)

Just don't laugh too hard at the pair's convincingly manic performance -- real estate agents are hurting from the housing slump, too. The median income for Realtors fell to $34,100 in 2010, down from $35,700 in 2009, according to the latest National Association of Realtors member survey. Three-quarters of its members also reported receiving no benefits from their firm. Something to keep in mind the next time your agent gives you the hard sales pitch.

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