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Name: Danna Stumberg

Military Branch: United States Navy

Military Rank: Mass Communication Specialist Second Class Petty Officer (E5)

Current Location: Liverpool, New York. We'll be moving to the Baltimore/D.C. area (Fort Meade, Md.) in May.

Most Recent Military Service: I joined the Navy five years ago when I was 21. My entire family has a military background and I knew it was a great way to see the world and earn money for school. I joined the Navy's News & Media program and started training as a Mass Communications Specialist right away.

My first orders were to Diego Garcia, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. It was great training. I had a radio show on the island and also did video news stories. I had a one-year commitment there, but volunteered to go to Iraq after nine months.

My time in Iraq was the highlight of career. I hosted a morning radio show for seven months. It was a chance to bring morale to the troops. I'd play music, talk about news, pop culture and celebrity gossip.

After my service in Iraq I returned to Diego Garcia for the final three months and then came back to Virginia. I was on board the USS Harry S Truman out of Norfolk for six months, but came off sea duty when my husband and I learned we were expecting a baby. For my last two years, I worked at the Submarine Force Atlantic Public Affairs Office in Norfolk, Va.

Job Skills: I was trained in all types of journalism while serving in the Navy as a Mass Communication Specialist (MC). MCs write and produce print and broadcast journalism news and feature stories for military and civilian newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcast stations. They record still and video photography of military operations, exercises, and other Navy events. They serve overseas, on ships, and at stateside commands as photographers, public affairs specialists, newspaper and magazine staff, and TV and radio station staff and talent. MCs also create graphic designs in support of the public affairs mission, create and manage official websites, and perform high-speed, high-volume graphic reproduction. I am a creative thinker with a knack for bringing ideas of images, graphics and productions to fruition.

In addition, I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Microsoft Word. I spent 3 years of my career as a broadcaster doing radio and TV news. I am proficient using Nikon DSLR cameras and have my own camera, lenses and studio set-ups. I have run command Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Flickr accounts.

Education: High school diploma and currently pursuing an Associate's Degree is Mass Communication. I will soon be starting a Bachelor's in Small Business with a concentration in Communications.

Civilian Work Experience: Before entering the Navy, I worked two years as a para-educator teaching math and reading to special education students. I also taught math and reading in a Boy's and Girl's Club after school program.

How long have you been looking for a job? I've been doing research for the last couple of months to see what is out there and available to someone with my skills.

What sort of job are you seeking? Ideally, I would like to do photographic work or enter the social media industry. Also, something involving multimedia (audio/visual production) would be something I truly enjoy and am good at. I'd eventually like to own my own photography studio with my husband who is also a Mass Communication Specialist in the Navy.

How is your job hunt going? There are definitely jobs out there. I would like to wait to commit to a permanent job until we're living in the Baltimore area.

What were you known for in your military group? Any nicknames, talents or favorite activities? I've been called Petty Officer One-shot for my ability to get the photo I wanted/needed on the first shot. I've also been dubbed a Social Media Queen.

What would be your ideal work situation? I would love a job that gives me the opportunity to work at least in part from home. A job that is transferable would also be ideal since my husband is active duty military and relocation will definitely happen.

If you wish to contact Danna about a job opportunity, please email her at danna.stumberg@gmail.com

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