CastleVille: Add a fourth Workshop to your Kingdom for Crowns


As we've all come to learn by now, the Workshop is one of the most important buildings in all of CastleVille, as it can craft all sorts of items, required either for the game's various quests, or just to make your time easier in the game. Before today, there was a limit on how many Workshops a single Kingdom could hold, with that limit being three Workshops per Kingdom. Now, though, you can pay Crowns to add one more to your game.

While this additional Workshop isn't available for coins, you can purchase it for Crowns: 500 Crowns, to be exact. We won't lie: that's a lot of Crowns, and if you were to purchase them at their normal price, you'll end up paying upwards of $50 just for the 465 Crown package. Even then, you'd still be short, and would need to spend even more money for more Crowns. It's possible that if this price isn't low enough to get users to spend real dough, that Zynga will lower the price accordingly, but for now, if you want the added convenience of being able to craft four items at a time, you'll need to pay the big bucks to actually do it.

Will you pay Crowns to purchase a fourth Workshop for your game? How many Crowns would you pay, if not 500? Sound off in the comments.