Who said the 'copycat' business isn't good for laughs?


First, there was the Penny Arcade comic that took a stab at the TripleTown / Yeti Town controversy, and now there's a Dorkly comic that brings some humor to the Tiny Tower / Dream Heights story between NimbleBit and Zynga.

"The Trial of Zynga" brings in famous video game lawyer Phoenix Wright (from the game franchise of the same name), who is quickly replaced by a lawyer of Zynga's own creation: "Phanix Wrort."

Needless to say, this is a jab at the many similarities between Zynga's games and other titles, but it is all in humor.

Sure, we may all be tired of hearing the world "copycat" as it relates to social games, but this one is simply too good to pass up. You can check out the full comic below.

[Image Credit: Dorkly]

Are you tired of the copycat drama in the social games industry? Have any of these recent controversies changed your opinions on the game developers involved? Sound off in the comments.