Game of the Day: Solitaire - Pyramid Giza

solitaire pyramid giza game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is an addictive version of solitaire. In Solitaire: Pyramid Giza, you'll have to remove all the cards from the pyramid-shaped layout by discarding them to the foundation pile at the top right. Kings are the only card you can remove one at a time. Otherwise, you have to discard piles in pairs that add up to 13. For instance, 6 + 7, 10 + 3, J + 2, or Queen + Ace would all work. Something many players don't realize is that you can also remove kings in random pairs, to help free up diferent cards and more board space.

Solitaire: Pyramid Giza is a refreshing take on the classic card game. Matching pairs of 13 forces you to look ahead and plan your moves carefully. It isn't easy to completely finish a game unless you really consider each move. So if you managed to wrap up an entire round, pat yourself on the back. Check out Solitaire: Pyramid Giza below!

Click here to play Solitaire: Pyramid Giza!
solitaire pyramid giza game of the daysolitaire pyramid giza game of the day
Were you able to finish a game of Solitaire: Pyramid Giza without hints?
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