Slaughterhouse Workers Get Class-Action Status

slaughterhouse workers class action settlementBy Roxana Hegeman

WICHITA, Kan. -- A federal judge has granted conditional class-action status to a lawsuit filed on behalf of an estimated 700 workers at a slaughterhouse in Kansas.

Monday's ruling would include all hourly production employees subjected to "gang time" compensation practices at Creekstone Farms Premium Beef in Arkansas City for the past three years.

The practice only pays employees when product is moving, plus 10 minutes for putting on and removing protective gear.

Workers claim the company hasn't been paying employees for all time worked. Creekstone contends that it has paid employees for all time worked, including overtime.

Melgren ordered the company to give the plaintiffs the names and contact information for each member of the class and to post notice of the lawsuit in both English and Spanish at its facility.

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