Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution gets better, stronger, faster on Facebook

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution FacebookAdult Swim has the technology. The Cartoon Network subsidiary has transformed its most fabulously flamboyant Facebook game into Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution. Its most popular game franchise to date with 250 million game plays online, Robot Unicorn Attack has been enhanced for social gamers with new robot animal forms, friendly leaderboards, gifting and more.

In other words, it's just like the Robot Unicorn Attack on Facebook that we loved way back in 2010, but given the Six Million Dollar Man treatment (unfortunately sans the awesome sound effect). In this new version of Adult Swim's hit, the three chances at a high score remains unchanged. But what is changed is that, when the unicorn crushes enough stars, it will evolve into a new robot animal and enter a new environment.

So far, we've seen robot pandas, wolves, gorillas and even dragons. Of course, Adult Swim took the opportunity with this new version to introduce virtual goods, enhancements for your robot unicorn bought with Fairy Dust (i.e. Facebook Credits). Players can choose up to three power-ups before each game from boosts like triple jumps, explosive horns, gliding and more.
Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution Facebook gameplay
It's easy to think of this as Adult Swim giving Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution the "Blitz" treatment common to PopCap's social games. That's not necessarily a knock against Adult Swim--just look at Fruit Ninja Frenzy--for some games it just works. Oh, and rest assured that your favorite Erasure tune has been left untouched.

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