Gameloft breaks ground where Zynga hasn't, hits Google+ with Green Farm

Green Farm
Green Farm

If your itch to do some good old digital farming has somehow gone unscratched on Facebook, then perhaps it's time to move on to Google+. At least that's what developer Gameloft seems to hope, as the company has launched Green Farm on Google+. This is the French game maker's second release on Google+, and--shockingly enough--the first farming game on the platform.

It's crazy, but true. (We're downright confused.) The game plays much like you would expect a farming social game to play these days. Players plant and harvest crops to earn coins for even more crops to harvest. Of course, players can also introduce animals into their farming family and create a variety of buildings to customize it with. And, surprise: You can visit your friends' farms and send them helpful gifts.

However, Green Farm focuses more on green energy and technology, at least thematically. Players can also take up trades, like carpentry and homemade juice and dairy-making. In order to make sure players are on time with harvesting crops and feeding animals, the game will send them push notifications. And what other farming game grants players with helpful robots? Alright, so this game isn't all that different, but it beat the farming game to Google+. That shows for something, right? Right?

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