Look at that view: FarmVille finally goes widescreen on Facebook

FarmVille widescreen
FarmVille widescreen

Will ya lookit that. After months of new Zynga game released in Facebook's new widescreen format, FarmVille stood as one of the few that didn't support it. Those days are finally over, fellow farmers, as the developer has allowed its flagship game to take up all of Facebook's screen space. Well, all the space it could ... next to those forsaken banner ads.

The improvement doesn't change the game's play hook at all, but is far easier on the eyes than before. While FarmVille has supported full screen play for some time, what many gamers really want is the ability to switch between the game and other browser activities, like email and perhaps even work. Doing that while in full screen is nothing short of a pain in the butt.

Now, players can get the best of both worlds with a larger amount of screen real estate and the ease of returning to, you know, more important things. Now, go off and gape at your sprawling vista of farmland. Just remember to get on back to work this time?

Have you noticed the vast visual change in FarmVille? Do you prefer to play FarmVille in full screen mode or within the Facebook browser window? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.