With the Dance Central 2 Facebook app, you'll never escape getting served

Dance Central 2
Dance Central 2

Want a constant reminder of how terrible your moves are? Look no further than Harmonix's new Dance Central 2 Facebook companion app. Now, wannabe hoofers can track their high scores, compare leaderboard standings with friends both overall and song by song. All players need to do is register the app with their Xbox Live gamertag to see just how terrible of a dancer you are.

Well, unless your gamertag is something like "TitteringHen430", "MarciomBrito" or "CollegeMan14"--you're probably more psyched than anyone about this new feature. If you're feeling particularly brave about your sick steps, you can challenge your friends to dance-offs on Xbox Live through the Facebook app. Just be prepared with a way to save face.

For those with their thinking caps firmly in place, this move onto Facebook could be indicative of what else developer Harmonix is up to on Facebook. Recently, a Harmonix designer's resume revealed that the developer is working on a joint game for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Facebook. Perhaps the Facebook portion will serve as more of a companion app. Whelp, there goes our dream of a webcam version of Dance Central on Facebook. Aw, shucks!

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