CityVille Welcome the World Act 1 Part 2: Everything you need to know


As we predicted earlier this week, the second part to the Welcome the World event has now started in CityVille, and it's all themed around France. There are three new goals to complete, brought to you by Chef Andre, and they'll see you building a new structure in your city before all is said and done.

Welcome France!

  • Place and Complete the French Gothic Fortress

  • Collect 15 Times from a French Cafe

  • Build 5 French Houses

If you're looking for French themed homes, either search for terms like "France" or "French" inside the store's menu, or check out some of the French themed items that were launched earlier this week in the store. As for the French Gothic Fortress, this is a community building that can be completed by asking eight of your friends to come work as staff within the building. It will raise your maximum population cap by 1,050 citizens when completed. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 25 XP and 5,000 coins.

Piece of Cake

  • Ask for 35 Reservations

  • Upgrade French Restaurant to 3 Stars

  • Place 2 French decorations

Again, just search the store for French related terms to find these items.

Baker of the Year

  • Ask for 28 Menus

  • Upgrade Cooking School to Level 2

  • Harvest 40 Wheat from a Late Bloomer Greenhouse

The Late Bloomer Greenhouse was released towards the end of January, so check out our guide to building one if you've yet to do so in your city.

It looks like the third part of this first Welcome the World act will bring Spain to the game, so we'll make sure to let you know when and if that ends up happening!

[Via CityVille Goals]

What do you think of these Welcome the World goals in CityVille? Are you excited to be able to continue your trek to becoming an international ambassador? Sound off in the comments.