CityVille Rock n' Roll McDonald's: Everything you need to know

The third time is apparently the charm in CityVille, as Zynga has once again partnered with McDonald's to bring a McDonald's branded restaurant to our cities. This newest version is a classic Rock n' Roll McDonald's, designed after those restaurants of years past, and it again sees your regular "Burger Restaurant" being transformed into this new McD's.

As usual, this newest McDonald's restaurant can be mastered in your game, as each collection and supply cycle requires 100 Goods to complete. You'll only need to earn 20 mastery points (or complete this cycle 20 times) in order to master the Rock n' Roll McDonald's and receive a special, as of now undisclosed reward. We're guessing this prize will likely be a statue of some sort (of course themed to the McDonald's brand), but we do know one thing: it will come with an 18% payout bonus when placed near businesses or homes in your city.

There are only 16 days left to master this new restaurant and earn your reward, so make sure to constantly stock the building any time you play your game. Good luck earning enough points in the time allotted!

What do you think of this newest form of McDonald's in our CityVille towns? Have you mastered the other McDonald's restaurants that have been released previously? Sound off in the comments.