CastleVille: More Valentine's Day items will fill your kingdom with love


If the first set of Valentine's Day items in CastleVille's store hasn't given you enough of the warm and fuzzy feelings in your kingdom, you can now purchase even more items in the store, including a new outfit for your avatar.

Here's a complete look at these items, which will only be available for a limited time (unfortunately, the exact expiration date isn't known as of this writing, but I'd assume they'll be available for a week or two after Valentine's Day itself actually passes).

Bear Chest - 9 Crowns
Bear Chest - 9 Crowns
Bear Head - 6 Crowns
Bear Head - 6 Crowns
Bear Legs - 9 Crowns
Bear Legs - 9 Crowns
Bridge of Love - 10 Crowns

La France Roses - 30 Reputation Hearts
Tunnel of Love - 27 Crowns
Valentine Rug - 750 coins
Winged Pig - 24 Crowns
Heart Shaped Pond - 17,500 coins
Love Ewe - 24 Crowns
Pecked Chicken - 20,000 coins
Valentine Banner - 5 Crowns
Valentines Swan - 28 Crowns

As you can see, there are at least a few items here that cost coins, so long as you have enough saved up to purchase them. Still, these animals and decorations are incredibly cute, so I personally think they're worth the splurge. There's no telling if or when we'll ever see these items available in the game again, so make sure to purchase any you're interested in now, before they leave the game.

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What do you think of these new Valentine's Day items in CastleVille? Which ones will you purchase for your kingdom? Sound off in the comments.