Did you catch Words With Friends during the Super Bowl? [Video]

Words With Friends
Words With Friends

We know, as if the game could use any more publicity. During last night's Super Bowl (in which this writer treats the actual game as if it were advertisements), Best Buy ran a short-but-sweet commercial. It focused on the tech retail company's mobile gadget offerings like smartphones and tablets, and if you blinked, you would have missed the adorably hilarious jab at Mr. Baldwin.

During the ad, some of mobile technology's greatest innovators tout their contributions to the future of consumer gadgetry. Best Buy recognized unsung mobile heroes like Phillipe Kahn, creator of the camera phone, Neil Papworth, the man behind text messaging and ... Words With Friends creators David and Paul Bettner. With that, it's official: You should have absolutely no trouble finding your next Words With Friends opponent. They're damned near everywhere.

[Image Credit: Gizmodo]

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