Rumor: Playfish working on more storage for The Sims Social

The Sims Social storage
The Sims Social storage

Sure, players want lofty things like cars and jobs for our Sims in The Sims Social, but they have more practical desires, too. If there's one thing that all players of Playfish's top social game can agree upon, it's that there simply isn't even storage space. The Sims Social Fansite reports that the developer has announced that more storage is on the way, but without a source.

According to the fan site, Playfish didn't detail when this change would come or how much storage space it would bring. The last time Playfish updated the game's storage capacity was before Christmas from 500 spaces to 550 spaces for items. Since then, several content updates have been pushed out to The Sims Social, containing over 400 items by the fan site's estimation.

Storage is a major issue for The Sims Social players. Just take a glance at this forum thread--over 30 pages of pleas for more storage--for an idea of how much of an issue it has become. And with weekly updates containing several decorations at a time, this problem is only going to get worse. That said, Playfish either needs to begin deleting older items from the game or whip up a new solution to item storage ... and fast. But this writer still wants his car.

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