FarmVille Valentine's Day Items: Pink Tuxedo, Labradoodle and more

As Valentine's Day draws closer, we've seen even more items launch in the FarmVille marketplace in the limited edition theme. You'll be able to purchase animals, trees and of course, outfits for your avatar so that even your virtual you can get in on the fun of this love-filled holiday. Here's a complete look at the items released this evening.


Golden Trumpet Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Pink Trumpet Tree - 14 Farm Cash

As usual, the Golden Trumpet Tree is the only one you really need to purchase if you're a mastery sign collector, as the Pink Trumpet Tree can be earned for free by growing Mystery Seedlings on your farm(s).


Labradoodle - 2 million coins
Cupid Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Pink Pegasus - 30 Farm Cash
Rose Cow - 20 Farm Cash


Valentine Sweet - 15 Farm Cash


Love Hot Tub - 150,000 coins
You Are Loved - 2 Farm Cash
Giant Candy Flower - 10,000 coins

Avatar Clothing

White Tuxedo - 5 Farm Cash
Pink Tuxedo - 5 Farm Cash

All of these items will be available in the game for the next two weeks, meaning that you'll still have time to purchase them even after Valentine's Day arrives, if you happen to receive some free Farm Cash as a gift from your sweetie. While some might be re-released next year, remember that there's no guarantee of that happening, so you'll want to stock up now while you know these items are available.

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