FarmVille Mystery Game (02/05/12): Valentine's Day items up for grabs

As part of FarmVille's Valentine's Day theme, a new series of themed items has been released in this week's Mystery Game. Most players will receive a dart for free this evening, but if you want to keep playing after you've used your supply of free darts (where applicable), it will cost you 16 Farm Cash per dart thrown at this week's balloon board.

As usual, there are six prizes in this week's game, but not all of them are animals. Whether or not that's a good or bad thing, however, will be up to you (that is, on how much you like buildings). Here are the six items up for grabs:

Drive In Movie
Flamingo Pond
Love Bug Dog
Romeo Penguin
Rose Pegasus
Valentine Mansion

If you can win at least one of each of these six items, you'll receive a Love Bug Gnome for free. That might sound like a fun prospect, but remember that it's possible to receive duplicates while trying for each of these individual items, so it might cost you more than you'd originally expect.

If you're looking for a way to earn cheaper darts, without having to pay 16 Farm Cash for each one, allow me to remind you of the discounted Christmas Plush animals that you can now purchase at Best Buy stores and online on clearance. Depending on where you buy them, you can pick up an animal for $2.99 (online) or $0.99 (in stores), and each one's code gives you a free Mystery Dart (among other goodies). Stock up on darts and you'll likely be able to receive all of these items for free, or even save them up for weeks to come!

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What do you think of the lineup in this week's Mystery Game? Do you save darts from previous giveaways or Zynga Game Cards that you've purchased, or do you spend them right away on each week's game? Sound off in the comments.