FarmVille: Play Dream Zoo for a free Mini Dream Giraffe

Dream Zoo may not be the most popular of Zynga's iOS games, but the Big Z wants FarmVille players to take note of the game anyhow. If you have an iPad or iPhone, and are willing to play Dream Zoo (the zoo simulation game that allows you to breed and care for animals of all sorts of colors and patterns), you'll have the opportunity to receive a free Mini Dream Giraffe back in FarmVille.

Of course, you'll need to connect your Facebook account to your Dream Zoo account within the iOS app, and will then need to reach Level 4 in Dream Zoo before you'll be eligible for your prize. Unfortunately, any sort of in-game pop-ups or text is missing about this promotion, leaving many players to simply find the Mini Dream Giraffe in their Gift Boxes after playing the mobile game.

Some players on the FarmVille forums are having a bit of bad luck in receiving the animal, as they've reached Level 4 or higher and have yet to be rewarded. While we can confirm it may take over 30 minutes for your animal to arrive (as it did in our farm), there are plenty of players on the forums who have also had it work out in their favor. Either way, reaching Level 4 in Dream Zoo takes less than 15 minutes of straight playing, so isn't it worth the time for the chance that you'll eventually receive this little giraffe in your own game?

Click here to download Dream Zoo for free from iTunes --->

Have you played Dream Zoo to Level 4? Did you actually receive your free Mini Dream Giraffe, or are you still waiting on yours? Sound off in the comments.
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