Let's hope Family Guy Online is as quote-worthy as this trailer [Video]

Family Guy Online
Family Guy Online

No sign of Meg ... in the game. Fox released a trailer for its upcoming free-to-play MMO (massively multiplayer online game), Family Guy Online. The game, which is set to launch into open beta (i.e. go live) within the next couple months, will allow players to create their own citizen of Quahog, R.I. and interact with many of the show's lovely characters--even Herbert.

Games based on popular media properties are usually seen as nothing more than cash-ins, but developer Roadhouse Interactive has enlisted two writers from the show to pen the story and dialog in Family Guy Online. With cartoon visuals made using the Unity Player, players navigate the town of Quahog (we just love that word), completing tasks to keep the city safe from guys like Greased-up Deaf Guy (that's really his name) and the Evil Monkey.

The trailer below spouts off tons of memorable quotes from the show and showcases all of the cartoon's major characters. Oh, and who could forget the combat, which basically seems to amount to street fighting with anything you can find. Check it out, and register early for the game here.

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