Say 'Happy 8th Birthday' to the center of the Internet, Facebook

Facebook birthday
Facebook birthday

It's time we recognize the blue-and-white blocks to which our faces are glued to 90 percent of the day. It's time we recognize the place in which we spend hours on end playing silly little games. Facebook is 8 years old today, according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. The social network executive posted about the birthday on her Wall to over 4,000 "Likes".

The majority of the 62 comments on the post reflect on the past eight years of Facebook and congratulate Sandberg and crew on the recent filing of Facebook's initial public offering. The social network has been through quite a lot, and we imagine much more than Jesse Eisenberg portrayed in The Social Network. To put this into perspective, this writer remembers having to use his college email address to even be granted access to Facebook.

In other words, we were on Facebook before it was cool. Now, one of the world's largest social networks boasts over 845 million users worldwide. About half of those are gamers, and about half of that half plays Zynga's games, a company that has proven vital to Facebook's future success. Games have fundamentally changed Facebook, and likely will continue to over the next eight years.

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