CityVille Passport Office: Everything you need to know

A new collection feature has launched in CityVille, but contrary to what we'd expect, it doesn't have to deal with the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday. Instead, this feature deals with collecting Passport Stamps in a new Passport Office. The office itself is relatively small, and can be built by spending five energy to complete the frame.

From there, you'll need to collect 20 ingredients with the help of friends:

  • 4 Clerk Pen

  • 4 Thumb Scanner

  • 4 Camera

  • 4 Official Stamps

  • 4 Legal Documents

All of these items can either be purchased with Farm Cash, or by asking your friends to send them to you via general news posts on your wall or individual requests sent out to neighbors.

When you finish the Passport Office, you'll be able to collect from the building to collect Passport Stamps that will be used in another feature that has yet to launch in the game as of this writing. You can immediately start to upgrade the Passport Office, if you'd like to collect more Stamps per collection, but you will need to gather more building ingredients to actually get this done. For Level 2, you'll need to collect six each of five ingredients, while Level 3 will require eight each of five ingredients.

Depending on the building's level, you'll be able to collect 1-3 Stamps per collection. Along with this building, you can also complete the new Passport Office goal, that has you completing the building's construction, along with collecting 40 Visa Applications and collecting from the completed Passport Office five times in total. Those Visa Applications come from collecting from Community Buildings, or by simply asking your friends to send them to you.

While there's no guarantee, I'd be willing to wager that we'll use these Passport Stamps to earn limited edition or exclusive prizes sometime down the line. As CityVille has adopted many international themes over the past few weeks, it only makes sense that this will be the case, but we'll make sure to bring you the final details of this upcoming feature either way.

What do you think of this Passport Office and stamp collecting feature? If we're allowed to trade these stamps in for prizes, what sorts of prizes would you like to see? Sound off in the comments.