FarmVille Lonely Animal: Adopt a Diamond Ewe for free


While the Lonely Animal feature in FarmVille has been pretty disappointing over the past few months (when it was active at all), offering duplicate animals that many players already had plenty of on their farms, another interesting animal has finally shown up outside our farms.

The Diamond Ewe is a purple and orange sheep with a diamond pattern on her wool. As a Ewe, this won't allow you to pass down to the pattern to Lambs, but it will help in terms of color. You'll have three days from this writing to lure this little Ewe onto your farm by asking five of your friends to help you out. This is done by sending out individual requests to your neighbors in the hopes that they accept.

If you'd rather not wait for your friends' help, you can also spend Farm Cash to unlock the animal instantly, or you can ignore it entirely, if you're just not into sheep or don't like this one's particular pattern. Still, if you don't make a decision soon (either for or against helping the Ewe), the game will delete her automatically. Make sure you've helped her if you want her before that happens!

Will you help this lonely Diamond Ewe come into your farm, or will you abandon her altogether? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published