Hidden Chronicles Valentine's Day: Celebrate love with three new scenes

A new limited edition event has launched Hidden Chronicles this week, celebrating Valentine's Day and introducing a new character to the game: Jeremy. Jeremy's grandparents used to live on your estate, and he has a favor to ask of you. While going through his grandmother's belongings, Jeremy found an old valentine that apparently had great importance to her. Using your gift for seeing into the history of items, Jeremy would like you to find out what was so special about the valentine. There are 12 days left in this Valentine's Day event, which comes with quests to complete and new scenes to unlock. Here's a look at how to do just that.

Drive-In to Romance

  • Place a Lasting Love Decoration on your Estate

  • Get 3 Chocolates

  • Hide a Secret Package

One of the cheapest Valentine's Day decorations is a piece of Heart Path that costs just 15 coins. Meanwhile, Chocolates can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests. For finishing this first quest, you'll receive access to the Drive-In Theater scene. You'll also receive 160 coins and 25 XP.

Romantic Proposal 1 of 3

  • Place a Wedding Pedestal

  • Play Drive-In Theater Scene

The Wedding Pedestal costs 1,500 coins to purchase in the store. It adds 350 Estate Points to your manor. You'll need to ask four friends to be staff members in the building before you can finish it off. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 190 coins, 30 XP and two energy.

Romantic Proposal 2 of 3

  • Play 2 Games of FastFind on Friends' Estates

  • Get 3 Bouquets

The Bouquets come from a general news post placed on your wall. Meanwhile, the games of FastFind can be played with any friend, but they'll take three energy each. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 190 coins, 30 XP and two energy.

Romantic Proposal 3 of 3

  • Complete the Wedding Pedastal

  • Earn 2 Trophies in Drive-in Theater

  • Have 2,500 coins

Again, you'll need to ask four separate friends to staff your Wedding Pedestal to complete it. Meanwhile, the Drive-In Theater scene requires eight energy to play, so make sure to ask your friends for more if you're struggling to reach two mastery trophies. When you finish this quest, you'll unlock the second of three scenes in this event: the Skyroom View. You'll also receive 200 coins and 35 XP.

Wedding Vows 1 of 3

  • Place Romantic Cottage

  • Play Skyview Room Scene

  • Hide 2 Secret Packages

The Romantic Cottage costs 2,350 coins in the store and adds 600 Estate Points to your Manor when completed. It requires you to collect a variety of building materials with your friends' help: three Base Boards, two Cherrywoods, three Chimney Stones, four Crown Moldings and five Stained Glass. These are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to friends.

Meanwhile, the Skyview Room scene requires nine energy per play, and you can only hide packages on your friends' estates one per day. These quests will be available in the game for around two weeks, so that gives you plenty of time to collect those above building ingredients from friends, and finish off the quests after this.

You're well on your way to helping Jeremy learn all he can about his grandparents' marriage, so keep checking back with us for more on this in-game Valentine's Day event!

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