FarmVille: Storage Capacity raised to 1,250 items


In a rather silent update, Zynga has increased the amount of storage spaces allowed in a single Storage Cellar in FarmVille, from 1,000 spaces to 1,250 spaces. As of right now, this seems to be the new cap across all farms, not just your Home Farm, so if you have a storage cellar on all four of your farms, you can now store a maximum of 5,000 items in your game (of course, currently, there's no way to transfer items between Winter Wonderland and the other three farms, so keep that in mind before assigning something to your winter farm).

Also, before you can take advantage of this higher storage capacity, you'll need to collect shovels and unlock each additional space yourself, in each of your four storage units. Luckily, if you had already poured more shovels than allowed into a single storage cellar (that is, perhaps you added 20 shovels to your Home Farm's storage cellar when you already had 1,000 storage slots available), you'll automatically see your total rise by 40 slots, to account for those 20 extra shovels you had already used. Ultimately, you'll just need to go inside your storage on each farm to see how many spaces you've currently unlocked there, and will be able to ask for more shovels from your friends by clicking on the "Ask for Shovels" button inside the cellar.

We'll make sure to let you know when storage transfer licenses launch in Winter Wonderland, making this whole deal complete. Keep checking back with us.

What do you think of this higher storage capacity? Have you already reached 1,250 storage slots on any of your farms? Sound off in the comments.