FarmVille: Best Buy Christmas Plushies now on clearance

Back in November and December, FarmVille players had the chance to purchase real world FarmVille stuffed animal ornaments from Best Buy, and receive virtual versions of those animals back in their farms. If you never purchased any of those animals, but are now interested in doing so, you can pick them up on clearance either online or even at your local Best Buy stores (if your own store still has any in stock).

The online price has been slashed from $9.99 per animal to $2.99 per animal. If you happen to find some in your local brick and mortar Best Buy, they look to be priced $0.99 across the board. Remember, for that price, you'll receive the actual stuffed animal, 10 Farm Cash, and a Mystery Game Dart. If you happen to redeem your codes during an in-game Farm Cash promotional period, you'll have a chance at receiving extra Farm Cash or items respectively. Needless to say, if you pick up some animals for a buck each, you're getting a ton of items for your purchase price.

To be especially clear, there's no guarantee that your own store will still have any of these plush animals in stock (even if Best Buy's website says that it does), but it's worth at least calling to find out, don't you think? Good luck completing your collection!

Did you complete the full plush animal collection back at Christmas, or will you check your stores for clearance animals now? Sound off in the comments.