Yeti Town maker denies violating NDA with Triple Town creator

Triple Town
Triple Town

The next proverbial David and Goliath battle of the games industry has begun. 6waves Lolapps (6L) CEO Rex Ng has denied allegations by Triple Town maker Spry Fox that it had violated a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in creating Yeti Town. Spry Fox has filed a copyright infringement suit against 6L over Yeti Town. As for this alleged NDA between the two companies, 6L says that it has not violated that agreement in creating its mobile game.

"While it's not included in the lawsuit, the authors suggest that our business development team shared information with our game development team about Spry Fox's title," Ng told VentureBeat. "I want to be very clear: this accusation is unjustified and plainly not true. We have not broken the NDA signed between 6L and Spry Fox."

Ng went on to point out Triple Town was first a Kindle game released in October 2010, and Yeti Town--created by Escalation Studios--was released in December 2011. The 6L CEO claims that Yeti Town was developed "in isolation from 6L by a company we acquired in January 2012--a month after the game had launched." (However, the game was clearly published by 6L upon release.)

"Our business development team is focused on growing, and promoting the developer ecosystem, which includes more than 50 independent developers we have partnered with," Ng said to VentureBeat. "Our business is based on trust, which we earn and maintain by keeping the highest level of confidentiality." We reached out to Spry Fox for comment.

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