Spry Fox intends to take 6waves Lolapps to court over Yeti Town

Triple Town angry bear
Triple Town angry bear

Who wants to ring the bell? Triple Town creator Spry Fox has responded to ... 6waves Lolapps (6L) response regarding the violation of a non-disclosure agreement between the two companies. Spry Fox alleges that 6L violated that NDA in working with its development team to create Yeti Town, an iPhone game created by recently-acquired Escalation Studios. Now, here's what Spry Fox CEO David Edery says about 6L's denial:

"We find it remarkable that 6waves would imply that the existence of the Kindle version of Triple Town somehow excuses 6waves' behavior," Edery tells us. "Anyone who has played the Kindle version of Triple Town knows that it is substantially different from the Facebook and Google+ versions released a year later, and furthermore, that the copyrighted game elements 6waves' is accused of copying are exclusive to the Facebook and Google+ versions of Triple Town. This sort of disingenuous defense will not be of much help to 6waves. Finally, there are additional facts that will be revealed at trial that will clearly establish a linkage between the development team and the business team at 6waves."

When speaking with VentureBeat, 6L CEO Rex Ng mentioned that Yeti Town was created "in isolation from 6L by a company [Escalation Studios] we acquired in January 2012--a month after the game had launched." However, Yeti Town released with the "6L" branding in December 2011. While it's normal for these sorts of cases to settle, Edery tells us, "Yes, we are willing to go to court if that is what it takes to get justice."

What are your thoughts on the back-and-forth between Spry Fox and 6L? Which of the two do you think would win at trial? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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