Pioneer Trail Monumental Homestead Goals: Everything you need to know

Let's face it: with all of the goals, buildings, crops, animals, trees and more available in Pioneer Trail, there just isn't enough land space to go around. If your Homestead is feeling a little cramped, you'll be happy to know that you can now finish a series of goals to unlock the 43 x 43 Monumental Homestead expansion for your game (before now, this was only available via a Horseshoe purchase).

Note: if you purchased the Homestead Expansion with Horseshoes and still receive these goals in your game, you'll need to contact Zynga Customer Support to have them removed, since you obviously can't expand to the same size twice.

Frontier Mint

  • Collect 20 Frontier Mint from Peppermint

  • Craft 5 School Rucksacks in the Upgraded School House

  • Collect 15 Expansion Permits

The School Rucksacks are crafted using 16 Wax Canvases and nine Leather Straps each. These two items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 250 XP, 250 coins and 50 Super Potato Seeds.

Warm up the Clobberin Arm

  • Clobber 10 Groundhogs

  • Harvest 150 Vanilla Orchids

  • Collect 15 Snares

Rewards: 500 XP, 500 coins, two Plum Trees

Get Frontier Tough

  • Harvest 40 Melons

  • Sell 35 Adult Moose

  • Craft 7 Loyal Pioneers in the Saloon

A Loyal Pioneer is crafted using 10 Fire Water and 10 Fruit Punch. You can ask your friends to send you both of these, but of course, you'll need 70 of each to actually craft seven Loyal Pioneers in all. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 750 XP, 750 coins and a Crazy Cake.

Monumental Snakes

  • Fire the Snake Cannon 10 Times

  • Chop Lumber Trees 200 times on your homestead

  • Collect 20 Neighbor Signatures

Trees can be purchased from the store, and while you'll only get one chop out of a single sapling, it will still help you in the likely event that you don't have enough trees just sitting on your Homestead waiting to be chopped down. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 1,000 XP, 1,000 coins and three Cocoa Trees.

Savor the Moment

  • Craft 7 Ganache in the Brick Oven

  • Collect 4 Daily Bonuses in the Land Office

  • Collect 125 Sweet Cabbage by harvesting Cabbage

Ganache is crafted using eight Garnishes and seven Cocoa Powders each. Both of these items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. When you finish this final mission, you'll receive 1,500 XP, 1,500 coins and a Cream Cow. You'll also be able to go into the Land Office and purchase the Monumental Homestead expansion. It costs seven Land Grants to unlock, but those can be crafted inside the Land Office using coins and Cloth.

As usual, when you expand, you'll find that the outskirts of your Homestead are now filled with debris and mystery crates for you to open, so get right on it to claim your rewards as quickly as possible!

Will you try to expand to this large sized Homestead as quickly as possible, or is your Homestead large enough to last you some more time? Sound off in the comments.