Pioneer Trail: Horseshoe bundles offer free prizes with each purchase

One look at the monthly active users in Pioneer Trail shows that the game isn't doing so hot (at least when compared to Zynga's other major Facebook properties). Currently sitting at 4.2 million monthly active users (1.4 million of those being daily users), the game has been losing users pretty consistently over the past few months, but if you're a loyal veteran, you can now receive some free items by pouring some real world cash back into the game.

There are three bundles that are now available via a in-game pop-up that will likely appear the next few times you login to the game. Ranging in price from $20 to $100, these bundles come with bulk Horseshoe bundles, along with various other prizes. Here's a complete rundown, so that you can decide if any of them are actually worth your hard-earned cash.

$20 Bundle - 170 Horseshoes and five Poker Cards
$50 Bundle - 465 Horseshoes, 10 Speedy Hands Boosts, Green Lightning Drink
$100 Bundle - 1,000 Horseshoes, 12 Hour Triple Mastery Boost, Beef Jerky, Polar Bear

Like many Horses, your avatar can ride this Polar Bear, which was originally released back during the Christmas holiday season. Personally, I'm not sure $100 is worth it, even if you do receive 1,000 Horseshoes in the process, but that will ultimately be up to each user to decide.

This promotion doesn't come clearly marked with any sort of expiration date, but wouldn't expect it to last forever. Make sure to check out the game sooner, rather than later, if you're interested in taking advantage of any of these bundle offers.

Will you purchase any of these bundles? Would you if they were cheaper or contained different items? Sound off in the comments.