This Mass Effect Facebook game isn't what you expected, but getting there

Mass Effect 3
That's because this isn't really a game in the traditional sense, but rather one of those dreaded advergames. Rest easy, Mass Effect fans, because we have the feeling this is an advergame you can get behind. Titled "Mass Effect 3 Mission Command," the app is hosted on the Xbox Facebook fan page and offers those that play along some serious prizes, like a new Mass Effect-themed Xbox 360 with Kinect.

The "game" sends players on missions to recruit friends for various causes, which amounts to spamming to spread the word that, "Hey, Mass Effect 3 is coming March 6!" To join in on the fun, players must install the Mass Effect 3 Mission Command app, which will hand over their email and basic Facebook information to EA. But you already did that in signing up for The Sims Social, right?
Mass Effect 3 Mission Command
Once you complete a mission by posting to your Facebook Wall, you can choose how you'd like to be notified of future missions. As soon as a mission is completed, Microsoft will start doling out the prizes attached to said mission. Later in the campaign, players will make decisions that tilt a collective morality meter between "Paragon" and "Renegade", a staple of the Mass Effect series when making decisions in-game.

It's rumored that a legit Mass Effect Facebook game is in the works, and while this doesn't confirm anything, it would be surprising to see Mass Effect go without a social game tie-in. (See: Dragon Age Legends) Why else would have EA2D and Klicknation become Bioware San Francisco? You call it "wishful thinking," but we "professionals" call it "speculation".

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