Quote of the Moment: '99 cents on the iPhone is the new quarter'

iPhone pinball machine
iPhone pinball machine

That's what Seamus Blackley, co-creator of the original Xbox and co-founder of iPhone and iPad games start-up Innovative Leisure, told VentureBeat in an interview. The man behind Microsoft's first game console rallied the old guard of classic arcade games to create "the new arcade." What's more interesting than a retro game dream team banding together is its perspective on iPhone games.

"We are looking at the new arcade, and 99 cents on the iPhone is the new quarter," Innovative Leisure president Blackley told VentureBeat. "People are playing on all these new devices and are finding the joy of the arcade games." As per VentureBeat, the "Jedi Council" team includes folks behind classics like Asteroids, Missile Command, Battlezone, Centipede and more.

In fact, the team contains only one member that didn't serve time at Atari in the old days. "This is the dream team from Atari," Blackley told VentureBeat. Blackley also pointed out that the team of 11 gaming veterans is supported by a number of 20-something interns that will help make Innovative Leisure's vision for "the new arcade" a reality.

"Once we figured out the iPhone is the new arcade, that games from the old days fit this new audience and their on-the-go lifestyle, we knew what to do. There is already a group of people who know how to operate and innovate in this space. They had the longest string of hit games in history. And they wanted to get back together again." The boys are back in town, and if you lost an obscene amount of quarters to Centipede and its ilk, then read more here.

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