Give Us Your Ideas for a Thoughtful -- and Frugal -- Valentine's Day

breakfast in bed
breakfast in bed

Valentine's Day is coming, which means that tens of millions of husbands and boyfriends are getting ready to drop money on Whitman's samplers and overpay for red roses. But there are other options out there -- and we know that our faithful DailyFinance readers have explored at least a few of them.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average man will spend $168.74 this year, and the average woman just over $86. (Most of this money will go to buying jewelry, candy, flowers and clothing for significant others, of course, but a respectable fraction will get spent on friends and other family members.)

We'd like to share your suggestions for ways to save money on Feb. 14 while still showing that you have heart. So please send us your ideas -- either via the comments section below or by e-mail to The best suggestions will be featured in an upcoming article, so please only send your ideas if you're willing to have them published.

Thanks for your help -- and happy Valentine's Day!

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