Dragons of Atlantis maker gets comfy in San Francisco, opens global HQ

Kabam HQ
Kabam HQ

Kabam, social game maker behind strategy hits like Dragons of Atlantis and Edgeworld, likes San Francisco, Calif. ... a lot. So much so, in fact, that the company has relocated its global headquarters to the city by the bay. The proverbial gaming mecca of the U.S, Kabam already had quite a presence in the Bay Area, with studios in San Francisco and Redwood City.

The company was previously headquartered in Redwood City, but has signed a multi-year lease for 63,000 square feet of office space at 795 Folsom Street, home to the likes of the mighty Twitter. The new location will have room for 400 employees to facilitate Kabam's rapid growth as it plans to release more social games in conjunction with its Redwood City studio.

"Kabam's new San Francisco location will unite our Bay Area offices into a single fantastic space hosting our studio, distribution and corporate operations to maximize cross-team collaboration," Kabam CEO Kevin Chou said in a release. "With great access to transportation, it gives us a wonderful space to build out as we recruit for our next phase of growth."

This news follows Kabam's acquisition of Fearless Studios with the intent to transition into 3D social gaming. Coupled with the company's move onto the desktop-based social games through Pokki, Kabam is going all the way to convince "hardcore" gamers that Facebook is a place to play. That is, if it can beat both the competition and the naysayers.

[Image Credit: Noah Berger/Bloomberg]

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