Dead Drop on iPhone, Android brings the mafia wars to the streets [Video]

Dead Drop
Dead Drop

Location-based social games are always intriguing at first, but end up missing something. It's that tie to real-world locations that services like Foursquare do so well that games tend to miss. Dead Drop, a location-based spy game for iPhone, Android and PC made by two brothers Lind, promises to incorporate just that directly into the play hook.

While it offers a single-player campaign mode (what's the fun in that?), Dead Drop sets friends against each other using GPS technology within smartphones in an all-out death match. Players can create their own individual games with friends, and be provided with missions to tackle in real time as their completed. But what's most interesting about Dead Drop is the concept of "safe houses."

Safe houses, once the game launches "within the next 30 days," will be real-life businesses that serve as protective areas for players in which they can't be attacked by enemies. The idea is that safe houses will both drive gameplay to specific areas and business to those locations. However, exactly how Dead Drop will get these local businesses to participate is a concern.

"Dead Drop represents a labor of love for us, and also a huge opportunity to bridge smartphone-based gaming and marketing in a way that goes beyond check-ins and deals," Dead Drop founder Jeff Lind said in a release. "What we're most proud of is creating an experience that's legitimately fun for gamers, and presents real engagement value for marketers. Just watch your six, if you know what's good for you."

After the game's release, the Lind brothers plan to introduce plenty more updates, like new weapons, disguises, play modes, mini-games and augmented reality features. Check the teaser below:

Are you psyched by the idea of a location-based that drives players to places? Do you plan on trying Dead Drop out when it hits? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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