Game of the Day: Bloons Tower Defense 2

bloons tower defense 2 game of the day
Balloons are running rampant and it's up to you to stop them! In Today's Game of the Day you'll have to prevent any balloons from escaping down the path; your life depends on it. To accomplish your task, you'll have to buy dart throwing monkeys, tack shooters, boomerang throwers, and even cannons. Explosive cannons might seem a little excessive now, but you haven't seen these balloons yet. Some of them have four or five balloons inside each other. (How is that even possible?)

Bloons Tower Defense 2 is the awesome sequel to the original popular tower defense game. Choose from one of the three maps: easy, medium, and hard. I recommend playing on easy, the other difficulties were absurdly difficult (or I'm just terrible at this game). So get out there, alert the monkeys, and set up your fortifications; the balloons will be coming down that path any minute now! Check out Bloons Tower Defense 2 below.

Click here to play Bloons Tower Defense 2!
bloons tower defense 2 game of the daybloons tower defense 2 game of the day
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