The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Nacho Sombrero
The week's theme in The Sims Social is all about sports, and getting your Sims off of the couch and not just watching them. That's right, a new skill has arrived in Playfish's Facebook game, Athletics. Players can now use various skill items to level up their Sim's Athleticism, and this week's quest, "Team Littlehaven," is all about getting your Sims used to being more active.

Before you begin this five-part quest, you're going to need at least seven friends, 1,000 Social Points and six Hope. Without further delay, here's how to finish Team Littlehaven in time for the Super Bowl this Sunday. And you best get to it, because there's a nifty Nacho Sombrero in it for your Sim.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 1
Team Littlehaven Part 1
  • Post an Ad about the Event
  • Tell 5 Sims about the Trials

To post an Ad, just click on your Sim's mailbox and choose "Post An Ad." For the second requirement, visit five Sims and choose the "Talk About Trials" after clicking on them.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 2
Team Littlehaven Part 2
  • Have Simiyoga Mat or XRunner 3000 Home Edition
  • Get Athletic Skill Star

The XRunner 3000 won't be available in-game until Monday, so your best bet to fulfill this task is to pick up the Simiyoga Mat for 1,000 Social Points. The Athletic Skill Star requires at least Level 5 in the Skill, so get to using that yoga mat.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 3
Team Littlehaven Part 3
  • Sleep on 5 Different Beds
  • Have 10 Stopwatches
  • Go for a PB

For this first requirement, you must remember to click the "Extra Sleep" option when selecting friends' beds. Stopwatches come from friend help requests, so get to beggin', while the personal best is a randomly occurring bonus when using a treadmill. Bella just so happens to have a treadmill.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 4
Team Littlehaven Part 4
  • Research Rock Paper Scissors Strategy on Computers
  • Have 6 Hope
  • Beat 7 Sims at Rock Paper Scissors

The first option has players simply clicking on computers and choosing the relevant option. You can also use neighbor computers for this task. Hope seems to come from only friend requests. To beat friends at Rock Paper Scissors, just click the relevant option on them while visiting.
The Sims Social Team Littlehaven Part 5
Team Littlehaven Part 5
  • Phone 8 Internet Providers
  • Have 10 Memory Upgrades
  • Win 5 Online Rock Paper Scissors Matches

To "Phone Internet Providers," you can use either your Sim's or your friends' phones. Memory Upgrades are found only through friend requests. You can only play Online Rock Paper Scissors on your own Sim's computer, and whether you win is a random outcome, so keep at it.

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[Image Credits: Sims Social Fansite]

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