The Food of Love: Valentine's Day Dining by the Numbers

Valentines dinner
Valentines dinner

Love isn't just in the air. It's being served on a platter.

A romantic dinner is a Valentine's Day staple, and this year the tradition continues, with lovebirds making reservations and -- in many cases -- planning to spend $200-plus to dine with their special someone, according to a recent Valentine's Day dining survey conducted by online restaurant reservation giant OpenTable (OPEN).

Planning Date Night

"With this Valentine's Day falling on a Tuesday, we are going to see two spikes in restaurant reservations," Caroline Potter, OpenTable's chief dining officer, said in a statement. "About half of the diners surveyed anticipate booking a romantic evening on the 14th, while another 26% are choosing to celebrate on Saturday night, Feb. 11."

And with 53% of survey respondents saying they plan to make their reservations more than a week in advance, a savvy move may include a few well-placed hints if the beloved tends to be a procrastinator.

Check, Please!

So where will lovebirds dine, and how much will they spend? More than half of survey respondents expect to shell out $101 to $200 for the special meal. And 10% of say they plan to run up a tab of $200 or more.

Here are some other nuggets from the OpenTable survey:

Ingredients for love:

  • 35% of survey respondents list Italian cuisine as the most romantic for Valentine's Day.

  • 25% are smitten with French cuisine.

  • 11% list American food.

  • 8% cite fondue.

  • 7% enjoy the romance of small plates of tapas.

Cash-strapped ZIP codes:

  • 16% of Seattle residents plan to spend less on those romantic Valentine's Day meals.

  • 15% of Atlanta survey respondents plan to do likewise.

  • 10% of Los Angeles diners are pulling back their purse strings on V-Day dining.

Where love (and budget) knows no bounds:

  • 20% of Las Vegas residents plan to spend more than $200 on Valentine's Day dinner.

  • 20% of Miami fun-in-the-sun residents plan to spend in excess of $200.

  • 19% of New Yorkers also expect to spend $200 or more.

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