N.J. Cop Arrested For Domestic Violence Gets Thousands In Overtime Pay

Patrick Papagni overtime pay desk dutyA New Jersey police officer facing domestic-violence charges and placed on desk duty has been paid $6,200 in overtime during the three months after his arrest.

Patrick Papagni, a lieutenant with the Paterson Police Department, was placed on desk duty in October after being charged with aggravated assault with a weapon for allegedly pointing his gun at his girlfriend and dragging her out of her house, PatersonPress.com reports.

By Jan. 15, Papagni had racked up $6,173.38 in overtime in addition to $1,619.22 in additional pay for working night shifts, the report said, citing city payroll records.

The case remains under investigation by the county prosecutor's office and charges haven't yet gone to a grand jury.

It isn't clear why Papagni was permitted to keep working and remain on the payroll despite the charges facing him.

The report notes that other officers within the department who have faced criminal charges were suspended, including one accused of possession of child pornography and another charged with official misconduct.

When asked why a police officer on desk duty would receive overtime, Police Director Glenn Brown said, "I'm not aware of any overtime," adding, "I haven't seen anything come across my desk for it."

PatersonPress.com reports that prior to being placed on desk duty, Papagni was a supervisor handling the police department's special events and extra duty assignments, and apparently is still in that position.

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