Put on your GFACE for the Crysis creator's new social game network

GFACE Crytek
GFACE Crytek

This is one of those "that's too stupid to be made up" situations, but only so far as the thing's name. Crytek, the Frankfurt, Germany-based creator of the Crysis shooter series, revealed its upcoming social game network, GFACE. But judging from images seen on Kotaku, Crytek won't fiddle around with FarmVille clones. What Crytek claims this thing can do is serious.

GFACE will serve as both a social network and online gaming platform that connects players across devices, a social game network for "hardcore" gamers of sorts. The network will operate within web browsers. However, Crytek seems to hope to attach GFACE to several games built specifically for it. Teaser images depict players serving different roles in the same game specifically designed for whatever hardware they're playing on.

This is thanks to a game streaming client that's built into GFACE, much like OnLive or Gaikai, that streams game data to whatever device the player is using, and thus eliminating the need for super powerful hardware. Of course, this assumes every single feature teased by Crytek makes it into the final release, which is under development by a group that's independent of Crytek, but heavily supported by it.

If every feature teased here were to make into the final GFACE, it could certainly pose a challenge to services like OnLive and Gaikai, the latter of which looks to piggyback on Facebook sometime soon. GFACE (this never gets old) is currently in a closed beta test.

[Via TouchArcade]

Are you intrigued at all by Crytek's GFACE? What do you think its implications are for not only OnLive and Gaikai, but social gaming altogether? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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