FarmVille Valentine's Day Countdown contents revealed!

Earlier this week, FarmVille saw the launch of the Valentines Countdown in the game, giving us a chance to win 13 items in the Valentine's Day theme, absolutely free, just for asking our friends for a few collectible items every day.

While we're already on Day 3's item in the game, the Love Bridge, we now also know the contents for the rest of the 12 days in the countdown, and the final prize at the end (earned only if you collect at least one of each item up until that point), thanks to the folks at FVNation.

Day 1: Flamingo Heart (costs 5 Farm Cash if you missed it)
Day 2: Heart Ring (costs 8 Farm Cash if you missed it)
Day 3: Love Bridge
Day 4: Romantic Dinner
Day 5: Love Birds
Day 6: Romantic Gazebo
Day 7: Romantic Swing
Day 8: Love Pond
Day 9: Romantic Picnic
Day 10: Romantic Lake
Day 11: Squirrel Proposal
Day 12: Love Waterfall

At the end of all of this, you'll have a chance to win the Pink Winged Dragon, or you can purchase it outright right now for 250-ish Farm Cash, depending on how many of the event's items you've collected through the free method. Remember, a new item unlocks in this countdown each and every day, so you'll need to stay on top of things to earn them all for free before the event ends. Good luck!

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What do you think of this lineup of Valentine's Day countdown prizes? Are you looking forward to winning the dragon at the end, or did you hope the final prize would be something a bit more original? Sound off in the comments.