CityVille Welcome the World Act 1: Everything you need to know

A new three-Act event has launched in CityVille this week, allowing you to be an international ambassador to the world. The first Act sees you completing three goals dealing with Italy, with the overall prize for just this Act being the Smitherman Stables building. Of course, there's also an overall prize for completing this entire three-Act event, the SS Tiburon cruise liner, but as only Act 1 is available to complete as of this writing, you'll have a long way to go before actually earning it.

Welcome Italy!

  • Build an Italian Winery

  • Have 6 Italian Businesses

  • Harvest Tuscan Villa 3 Times

Some examples of Italian businesses are Dominic's Restaurant (available for City Cash), the Suit Yourself store (150,000 coins), Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria, Italian Ice Parlor and more. It looks like any combination of six will be enough to satisfy this task, regardless of which six you actually choose to purchase. As for the Italian Winery, this is a community building that can be build with 12 energy for the base, and by gathering eight staff members to help you out to finish it off. When complete, it will offer a maximum population boost of 1,000 citizens to your city. For finishing this first goal in the Act, you'll receive 3,000 coins and 100 Goods.

The Family Business

  • Ask friends for 18 Pizza Dough

  • Build 8 Italian Houses in your city

  • Harvest 50 Tomatoes

You can browse through the store by theme, in order to find these Italian houses. Homes like the Capozzola Cottage of Valenti Villa cost City Cash, but you can also purchase items like the Angelica Apartments for coins (all three of these particular examples will only be available for 20 days after this writing). When you finish this goal, you'll earn 30 XP and 2,000 coins.

Like Father, Like Son

  • Collect 26 Racing Flags

  • Have the Phoenix Car in your city

  • Harvest Cruise Ship 7 Times

The Phoenix Car is built in your Custom Car Shop using 11 Bucket Seats, 11 Ignition Buttons, eight Car Stereos, eight Gull Wing Doors and eight Alarms. These items can, of course, be earned through a combination of general news posts and individual friend requests. Of course, if you were already a big fan of the in-game car feature, you might have already completed this step previously, saving you time. Either way, for finishing this final Italian themed goal, you'll receive the Italian Plaza building, a business that requires 400 Goods and offers 2,067 coins in payout by default.

It looks like the next two Acts of this Welcome the World event will contain French and Spanish (either Spain or Mexico in nature) themes. We'll make sure to let you know if that prediction ends up being accurate, and of course how to finish all of those upcoming goals for yourself, so keep checking back.

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Are you excited to see this new three-Act feature launch in CityVille, or have you been disappointed by such elaborate, complicated features in the past? Sound off in the comments.