CityVille Football Stadium: Everything you need to know

While your town in CityVille might already play host to a massive Baseball Stadium or even a Soccer Stadium, you can now add one more stadium from one more sport to your town: the Football Stadium. In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, a new football centric goal has launched in the game along with this new building.

Football Stadium!

  • Place and Finish the Football Stadium

  • Visit 15 Friends

  • Collect from 8 Tower Eats

You don't have to do anything while visiting your friends' towns, but if they have a Tower Eats, you might try collecting from it in case it counts here. If not, you can purchase one from the store for 1 million coins. As for the Football Stadium itself, this is a huge structure, the base of which requires six energy to build. From there, you'll need to collect a variety of building materials:

  • 9 Football Cleats

  • 9 Stadium Benches

  • 9 Stadium Lights

  • 9 Scoreboards

  • 9 Referee Whistles

These items are earned through a combination of general news requests on your wall and through individual requests sent to friends. When you finish the Football Stadium, you'll have a new community building that offers a population allowance of just 600 citizens, so if you'd like to delete this one from your city after completing the goal, feel free (it will just go into you inventory where it can be used again later).

For completing the overall Football Stadium goal, you'll receive 200 XP and 2 energy.

While there's no guarantee other Super Bowl related content will launch in CityVille before the big game itself, building this Football Stadium will likely last you well into the weekend and beyond.

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Are you excited to see a Football Stadium finally come to CityVille, since other sports had already been celebrated in the game, or do you think this one is simply too big of an item to be worthwhile? Sound off in the comments.