CastleVille: Get cozy with new Valentine's Day items

Not ones to miss a beat, the folks behind CastleVille have released some Valentine's Day themed items in the game's store. There are new outfits for your avatar, as you might expect, along with some animals and a few decorations that you can use to bring that "loving feeling" to your kingdom. Of course, most of this initial launch of items costs Crowns, the game's premium currency, but it's still a step in the right direction if you ask me. Here's a look at the new items.

Bouquet of Roses - 40 Reputation Hearts
Cupid's Skirt (Female) - 8 Crowns
Cupid's Toga (Male) - 8 Crowns
Cupid's Toga (Female) - 8 Crowns
Cupid's Toga (Male - Bottoms) - 8 Crowns
Rose - 2 Crowns
Rose Petals (Ground Cover) - 250 coins
Valentine's Day Dress - 10 Crowns

Valentine's Day Dress Top - 10 Crowns
White & Heart Fence - 500 coins
Love Shack - 30 Crowns
Pink Peacock - 30 Crowns
Tree of Love - 6 Crowns
Valentines Clydesdale - 34 Crowns
Valentines Pony - 30 Crowns
Valentine Banner (3 Castle Points) - 5 Crowns

As of this writing, these are the only items available in the theme, but I highly expect more items to launch before these limited time items have a chance to expire from the store. Hopefully, some coin-clothing options will launch in the store, as I know I personally would love to dress my avatar up for the holiday, and we'll make sure to let you know if that happens.

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What do you think of these CastleVille Valentine's Day items? Will you splurge and spend Crowns on any of them? Sound off in the comments.