Adventure World Library of Alexandria Expedition: Everything you need to know

As we continue our trek through Egypt in Adventure World, we'll come across the ancient Library of Alexandria in an Expedition of the same name. Sallah, Indiana Jones' friend, will be on hand to help you out here, and you'll have six full days to complete the three quests within. Let's get started!

X Marks the Spot

  • Ask friend for 12 Pairs of Library Gloves

  • Investigate 12 Stone Bookcases

  • Investigate Librarian Statue

  • Go to Map Room

The Library Gloves are earned through a general news item posted on your wall. The Bookcases, meanwhile, are placed mostly in large groups in the various alcoves of this map. The Librarian Statue is towards the back of the map, and you can click on the "Show Me" button if you want to spot her from far away. Finally, the Map Room is the very back room of the map, near the large statue of Anubis (the dark blue dog).

Fire in the Library!

  • Extinguish 36 Fires

  • Extinguish 9 Small Bookcases

  • Rescue 8 Library Cats

By simply touching the Library Cat at the very beginning of the map, you'll set off a wide array of fires in the library. Of course, fire and books don't mix well, so you'll need to click on each individual square to extinguish the fires before the whole place goes up in flames!

Dastardly Deeds

  • Collect 8 Arson Notes

  • Collect 4 Arson Kits

  • Investigate 4 Riddle Scrolls

  • Investigate Rope

The Arson Notes and Arson Kits are scattered around the map, blocked either by more fire squares or by color-coded traps that require you to interact with statues to deactivate them. The rope is at the very far end of the map, near the area blocked with all of the black smoke.

Remember, since you have six days to complete this entire Expedition, you should have no problem clearing out the mass amount of fire squares on the map. Even then, you don't technically have the clear them all, so long as you extinguish enough to make yourself clear paths around the map. Add a bit of strategy to your gameplay and you'll come out of this one on top.

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What do you think of this newest Expedition? Do you like the use of fire in place of bushes and plants? Let us know in the comments.